dependency-dash doesn't require any configuration for basic usage. However, it can be customised to check requirements in additional/different files.

Customisation is placed in a tool.dependency-dash table within the pyproject.toml file in the repository root. See PEP 518 for more details about pyproject.toml.

Configuration for a single file would look like this:

format = ""
order = 30
include = false

The final part of the table name, "", is the name of the file the configuration is for. This can include a forward slash path separator, for example "doc-source/requirements.txt.

The table understands the following keys:


Type: String

The format of the file. Supported formats are:

  • pyproject.toml – a TOML-format file structured per PEP 518. The requirements may either be in project.dependencies (per PEP 621) or in tool.flit.metadata.requires (for flit).
  • setup.cfg – a setuptools setup.cfg) file.
  • – a distutils/setuptools file.
  • requirements.txt – a file containing a list of PEP 508 requirements, one per line.

If no format is given it will be inferred from the filename, falling back to requirements.txt.


Type: Integer

The order the file should appear when displayed on the dashboard. If you don't care about the order, or if you only have one file, you can ignore this field.


Type: Boolean

Whether the requirements in the file should be included in the overall repository score.

After you've made changes to your pyproject.toml file and pushed to GitHub, it may take a few minutes for the changes to show up. Please be patient; it shouldn't be more than 5 minutes.